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PhiNesse is a makeup technique that gives your client the unique opportunity to highlight natural beauty, each time in a new light. There has always been a great demand for makeup that provides flawless coverage, camouflaging up any blemishes and highlighting the features of the face. PhiNesse allows you to accentuate the best features of your client’s face.

When we follow makeup trends, we often come across uniform-looking faces. Makeup should not be adapted to follow trends as each face is unique and the most attractive makeup is always adapted to suit the physiognomy of each individual person. The creative technique that is PhiNesse, allows you to create whatever you wish while maintaining a flawless look, regardless of your client’s skin type.   PhiNesse treatment is intended for all ages, that is for anyone wishing to enhance their natural beauty and highlight their facial features. The treatment should not be carried out if there is an infection, or any other form of inflammation, scratches, cuts, conjunctivitis, eye infections, etc.


Cleaning the face – remove any makeup on the skin using PhiWipes Makeup Remover, if there is no makeup on the face it is still necessary to clean the skin using an adequate cleanser or PhiWipes Asept.

Hydration – if the skin is exceptionally dry, hydrate the skin prior to treatment by applying an appropriate cream.

Base/Primer – this layer is a ‘barrier’ created between the skin and the base i.e. powder/foundation, and should be adatped to suit your client’s skin type. 

Once the skin has been properly prepared, the next step is to apply the makeup. This is done in line with the natural tone and features of the client’s face. Skin tone is evened out, and all other makeup is applied to create the desired effect.

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