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PhiLashes is an eyelash extension technique whereby extensions are applied to natural lashes. This technique allows for the attachment of one extension to one natural hair. If the client/you do not have many natural eyelashes, or simply desire thicker eyelashes, an advanced technique called Volume Lash is recommended, whereby it is possible to apply multiple extensions – from 2D to 10D (10 hairs to one natural lash).

Extended eyelashes are darker, longer and denser and make the eyes more attractive. Extensions can last for weeks when applied using the right skills, when properly groomed, and surpass any makeup technique. Extended eyelashes are very comfortable to wear and give you completely natural-looking long and curly eyelashes.

The treatment is suitable for all clients with thin and short eyelashes who wish to accentuate the eyes. The treatment should not be performed if eyelids are inflamed or damaged in any way. Extensions may last 6 to 7 weeks, depending on the growth cycle of the natural eyelashes. In order to maintain well-groomed eyelashes, it is necessary to replace lashes that have shed or grown out every two to four weeks.


The first 24 hours are crucial for ensuring the durability of the extensions. Water, even shower steam may affect the quality of the bond between the natural eyelashes and the extensions.

For the first 24 to 48 hours after treatment, avoid spending excessive time in water (swimming), hot and damp rooms such as saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs. When taking a shower/bath avoid extremely hot water.

48 hours after treatment, do not use any products containing oils in the eye area, especially waterproof mascara. If your client/you insist on using mascara, ensure that it is a water-soluble brand.

Handle the new eyelashes with care, i.e. avoid constant rubbing and/or pulling on them. Do not use mechanical curlers, as they may cause the extensions to break.

To remove makeup, use only bristle-free applicators and completely smooth wipes to remove makeup. Avoid using cotton pads and towels as they may pull out the extensions.

Do not dye or tint the eyelashes while wearing extensions. If your client/you wish to dye the natural eyelashes, make sure to do so before having extensions done.

Be careful when blow drying hair, as excessive heat may uncurl the extensions. Gently comb the eyelashes each morning to keep them neat and beautiful.

Never try to remove extensions on your own.

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