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PhiHenna is a technique intended for clients who desire a temporary, short-term change or to fill in the shape of their brows. This technique involves threading the brows then applying henna, and requires the use of other tools as well.

Henna is a plant that contains Lawson extract used to tint eyebrows by creating temporary eyebrow tattoos, created from natural dyes. PhiHenna used to create temporary eyebrows is available in 7 different shades.    

This treatment should not be carried out if there is any infection or other form of inflammation on the face.


The treatment begins by threading the eyebrows. Thread used to perform this procedure is antibacterial and made of cotton. This eyebrow shaping technique is much faster than tweezing the brows as it involves removing many hairs with just one movement.

It is necessary to create the right shape suited to the facial morphology and then to apply the henna precisely to the drawn in contours, using the right brush. With clients that have a lot of natural eyebrow hair it is necessary to apply a generous amount of henna so that the product is able to penetrate through to the skin.  

Sunlight has no effect on henna; however, the color will fade and disappear over time. In order to maintain beautiful and healthy eyebrows, the treatment should be repeated every 7 to 15 days.


As the objective of this treatment is to ensure that the henna remain on the skin and eyebrows for as long as possible, it is necessary for your client to take proper care of their eyebrows at home. After cleaning the face, they should apply a nourishing oil or balm each night, intended for eyebrow care. 

Gently clean/wash the treated eyebrows when washing the face, do not rub the eyebrows. How long the henna will remain on the brows depends on the skin type and your client’s habits. Henna will last for approx. 5 to 15 days on the skin and up to a month on the eyebrow hair.

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