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PhiLashLifting is a new generation, state-of-the-art technique which uses high-quality substances to curl straight and weak eyelashes, strengthening them with keratin, tinting them and turning them into strong-looking eyelashes.

The effect of the treatment lasts for 6 to 9 weeks, and these new, curled and strong eyelashes do not require any mascara. The technique curls natural eyelashes while simultaneously lifting them, thus providing additional length and volume, resulting in thicker and longer eyelashes.

The treatment is not suitable for clients who lack natural eyelashes, since the technique is applied to strengthen, extend and curl existing eyelashes. Clients with eye issues should not undergo the treatment. Also, the treatment should be avoided if there is an open wound on the eyelid. It is possible to perform the treatment after the wound heals.


Before the procedure, it is necessary to clean the area around the eyes and remove any makeup.  Silicone pads, shaped to match the natural line of the eyelashes, are fixed onto the eyelids. Gel glue is then applied to the base of the silicone pad, and the eyelashes are then brushed up and out against the silicone pad, in a fanned-out manner, upward in the direction of the eyebrows.  

The pads must be secured to the eyelids and the lashes are then brushed upward, sticking to the pads. This process must be done slowly and carefully, brushing the eyelashes apart as much as possible.

Once the eyelashes have been fixed to the pads, apply lotions and tint in the prescribed order. The same reaction time applies to all lotions with the exception of the last one, the moisturizing serum.

The Artist has to apply the moisturizing serum and to leave it on the eyelashes, while continuing to gently brush the lashes. Once each step in the process is complete, the client will have curly, stronger and longer lashes. This effect lasts between 6 to 9 weeks.


24h after treatment, avoid the following:

  • Wetting your eyes, rubbing or touching your eyelashes
  • Undergoing any cosmetic treatments to the face
  • Using mascara or oil to remove mascara
  • Swimming

In the first 48h after treatment, avoid the following:

  • Visiting saunas, tanning beds or bathing with hot water

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